New Version of Google Analytics

Written by Drew Keller

Google is in the process of rolling out a new version of Google Analytics, packed with new features and equipped with a redesigned interface that makes it easier to explore your data. If you’re not already using the new version, you can access it by clicking the “New Version” link at the top of your Google Analytics account. Some of the most noteworthy new features include: Real-Time Reporting Real-Time Reporting shows you what is happening on your website right now! Each page view is reported seconds after it occurs. This feature can help you measure immediate impact of blog and social media posts, through access to immediate web traffic data. It is also useful in determining if tracking methods have been properly implemented before launching a campaign. Real-Time Reporting can be found under the “Home” tab. Multi-Channel Funnels Oftentimes multiple marketing channels drive traffic to your website, and therefore it is the combination of these channels that is responsible for conversions or e-commerce transactions. Google Analytics allows you to see which channels initiate, assist and complete conversions, better visualizing conversion path data and helping marketers to understand how their online traffic pieces work together. Multi-Channel Funnels can be found under the “Conversion” tab. Video on Multi-Channel Funnels Flow Visualizations Flow Visualizations are sophisticated tools for graphically depicting how your visitors navigate or flow through your website. There are two types of Flow Visualizations. Visitors Flow is a graphical representation of visitors’ flow through your site by traffic source, which can be found under the “Visitors” tab. Goal Flow is a graphical representation of how visitors flow through goal steps defined by the site owner, and can be found under the “Conversions” tab. More Flow Visualizations will be coming soon. Video on Goal Flow Mobile Reporting Improvements Google Analytics has been providing ways to track mobile traffic to your site, but in the new version of Google Analytics there are some Mobile Reporting enhancements. New Mobile Overview reports show breakdowns between mobile traffic and non-mobile traffic. New Devices reports provide information on the array of mobile devices that drive traffic to your site, including mobile device hardware info (can view images of each device) and mobile device brand info (includes manufacturer and carrier of device). Mobile Reporting can be found under the “Visitors” tab.
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